Expand your horizons.

Take commerce to the next level. Machine learning empowers you to create relevant experiences with smarter targeting. Show your customers you know them. 

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Qubit Grow.

Machine learning powered.

Take commerce to the next level.

Provide the experience your customers expect.

Show them you know them.

Deliver personalizations that are relevant to a customer’s context and unique interests.

Meaningful audiences, meaningful moments.

Personalize at the right moment using contextual real-time data.

For merchandising teams who need to do more.

customer affinities
Preference with purpose.

Match your trading demands with customer affinities. 


Your customers already tell you what they like.

Derive insights from browsing behavior and push products to people who have an affinity to the gender, category or brand you need to sell.

Understand and act on their unique tastes.

Product affinities empower you to produce relevant experiences for customers that prefer a certain color or have an affinity to a particular product.

Predict your fortunes.

Actionable customer revenue predictions.


Upsell high spenders. Remove distractions for casual shoppers.

Our machine learning capabilities give you the power to target customers with relevant products and content based on their predicted spend and lifetime value.

Curate promotions based on likelihood to buy.

Take control over which promotional content your visitors see based on your business strategy and their likelihood to become a customer, or repeat customer.

customer affinities for merchandisers
Be more relevant.

Level up your product recommendations.


Recommendations + Affinities = Relevance.

Flick a switch and level up your product recommendations by feeding affinities into our algorithms to make them even more relevant.

Do more with your data science.

Simply import any product recommendations model into Qubit and make it available at web scale .

Greater insight.

Put dormant customer data to work.


Integrate seamlessly with any customer data store.

Pull CRM, CDP or DMP data into Qubit using our Integrations library.

Increase relevance with data you already have.

Make your efforts even more relevant by using customer data from all aspects of your business.

Transform your business with
personalization for the pros.

Join leading brands who are already executing their business strategies with innovative, advanced, scalable Qubit personalization.


Creating relevant and segmented experiences is imperative for us. Generic experiences are no longer resonating and our visitors expect personalization no matter what stage of the customer journey they are in.”

Darin Butler
Head of Digital Customer Engagement

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