Deliver value, fast.

Consumers now demand unique experiences. That means showing them the most relevant content, products and offers. Personalization is a journey, so take the best first step. Get up and running fast, grow online revenue and merchandise more efficiently.

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Qubit Start

Take control of merchandising products and promotional content to deliver 6-10x ROI.

Get started quickly.

Get up and running, fast. Create amazing experiences with just a few clicks.

Do more with less.

Use automated machine learning tactics like product recommendations for more effective and scalable on-site merchandising.

Boost performance.

Prioritize the personalizations that consistently drive engagement and conversion. Deliver rapid ROI and go further.

Made for merchandisers.

React fast. Run faster.

Implement your trading decisions in minutes.


Rapidly create campaigns and promotions.

Personalize content with our beautifully simple point and click campaign builder.

Instantly sell to the right audiences.

The powerful audience builder empowers you to target customers that match the offer you have to sell.

Right value. Right now.

Prioritize everything based on business needs. 


Orchestrate content with ease.

Drag and drop content prioritization solving the 'who should see what' problem.

Show the right products to the right customers.

Product prioritization lets you automatically prioritize the sale of specific products in your inventory and target specific recommendations at certain audiences.

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Merchandise your way.

Web placements that are IT friendly, not IT reliant. You can personalize the key parts of your website without technical support.

Smart ecommerce starts here.

Combine existing data and new insights.


Smarter customer targeting.

Show your customers you know them. Use previous browsing behavior to target them effectively.

Leverage your existing data.

Import segments from other tools or projects into Qubit to launch new initiatives and campaigns.

Learn more. Do more.

Real-time reporting that drives next actions.


Identify the next best action.

Insight reporting that reflects what you've accomplished so far then suggests what to do next.

A/B test your ideas.

Build an experimentation culture within your team. A/B test your campaigns to help measure effectiveness, learn what tactics work and report to the wider business.

Learn more about A/B testing >

Transform your business with
personalization for the pros.

Join the leading brands who are already executing their business strategies with innovative, advanced, scalable Qubit personalization.


The first experiences we launched were stock pointers which showed an immediate impact on RPV. However, combining these with other techniques like social proof and product recommendations we were able to get even more incremental revenue and influence our customers at scale. Next, we're going to be going further with segmentation to multiply the effectiveness of these experiences.”

Jonathan Attali
Director of Ecommerce & Innovation

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This is where smart ecommerce lives.

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