Personalization starts with discovery.

Transform your mobile shopping experience with Qubit Aura.
Help your visitors discover and buy more of the products they love through personalized product recommendations.

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New navigation. New rules.

Qubit Aura curates products and categories for every visitor. As people shop, Aura instantly adapts based on their actions and predicted preferences. The result is a trimmed back nav that re-organizes in real-time, combined with streams of your most relevant and desirable products, in a social-style, scrollable feed.

Own your full brand experience.

Build loyalty by bringing inspiration and social-style engagement in-house.

Increase product discovery.

Show the most relevant products in your range to each visitor.

Deliver value.

Customers see 2.25x more products, and are 80% more likely to buy.

A few of our Qubit Aura customers:

Your brand, social media-style.

Qubit Aura introduces your products to visitors using familiar social media interactions. From preference collection that tailors what’s seen at the very beginning, through sharing, to favoriting products with “My picks”.

By individually curating the categories and products each customer sees, Qubit Aura more than doubles the average number of products a customer sees and increases engagement: customers engaging with Qubit Aura are 80% more likely to buy.

The power of machine learning.

Qubit Aura delivers this curated experience using visitor preferences, what’s popular and trending, and AI under the surface. This is all nuanced and refined by an individual’s interactions, both in-session and historic.

This means Qubit Aura gets smarter as customers use it, streamlining the browsing experiences based on their interests and history, enriched by multiple machine learning algorithms to ensure relevance, build confidence and add variety.

Machine learning ensures everything the user sees is relevant.
Merchandisers can curate what is shown based on the brand's goals.

Curate the mobile experience.

Your product catalog is always evolving. Merchandisers and marketers have the power to decide when Qubit Aura should appear, to configure its appearance, and tweak the products it shows.

This means you can promote new lines, align with your campaigns and even prevent certain products or product types from being shown.

Key features.

Visitors can:

  • Easily enter Qubit Aura, with seamless back and forth to your mobile site.
  • Immediately experience curated content, with preference selection.
  • See categories update based on their interests, history and interactions.
  • See products and messaging update as Qubit Aura learns.
  • Share the products they love with integrated social sharing.

Marketers can:

  • Customize the look and feel of Qubit Aura.
  • Curate and refine the products Qubit Aura shows and recommends.
  • Understand the revenue impact of Qubit Aura through in-app reporting.
  • Access engagement statistics and top product interactions.
  • Take insight for further analysis with dedicated exports.

We understand your challenges.


The challenge is how to make the discovery phase native, within our walls. Qubit Aura provides a seamless transition between discovery and shopping on mobile web.”

Felipe Araujo, Head of Ecommerce


Qubit Aura represented an opportunity for Mothercare to create true 1:1 personalized experiences for our visitors.”

Jo Homer, Head of User Experience

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With Qubit Aura...we can easily inspire our visitors on mobile web, personalizing the experience for each individual, and allowing them to discover more of what Hobbycraft has to offer.”

Kate Hicks , Head of Online

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The biggest thing about mobile shopping right now is if you don’t know what you’re looking for, discovering it is really difficult.”

Nate Dierks, Director of Technology

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We have over 30,000 products on our site, therefore discoverability is a challenge... Qubit Aura directly addresses the problem, by giving users a personalized selection of products and categories...”

Alex Crawley, CTO

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The growing influence of mobile discovery on ecommerce - Qubit Aura whitepaper

The halo effect of product discovery.

Our report analyzing 1.2bn online shopping journeys shows how mobile product discovery increases conversion rates and influences a third of desktop transactions, with up to a 19% impact on revenue.


Mobile just got better.

Qubit Aura revolutionizes mobile product discovery.

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