Boost bookings and deliver a first class experience

6 personalization strategies for airlines to increase loyalty and deliver value

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What’s in this report?

The process of booking a flight has changed beyond recognition. Customers have shorter attention spans, higher expectations, and take different routes to their final destination—all shaped by their personal preferences.


To deliver superior experiences, airlines must understand their customers better than ever, encouraging greater engagement by personalizing the user journey.


In this report, we draw on our experience working with the greatest innovators in the aviation industry, such as Emirates, Thomas Cook, and We share how to create a first class booking experience, encourage direct booking, optimize ancillary sales and develop personalized loyalty programs.

Airlines we work with

We work with some of the most famous airlines in the world, who rely on personalization to help them drive revenue, uplift, and customer loyalty.

What you'll learn

  • How to drive more direct bookings and rely less on aggregators
  • Ways to amplify your loyalty programs and tackle customer churn with personalization
  • Effective methods to optimize ancillary sales and upsells
  • Strategies to merchandise through smart inventory management

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