How ecommerce leaders inspire purchase.

Practical consumer insights to transform more visitors into shoppers.

What’s in this report?

It is hardly a secret that consumer habits have changed over the last year, but much still remains uncertain as to what this means for the future of ecommerce. 

Our team conducted a study with 1500 consumers in the US and UK on what really matters once potential shoppers land on your site. The findings suggest that customer overwhelm and product discovery, are key challenges for brands to address in order to remain competitive. 

This ebook provides a unique insight into consumer behavior, expectations and preferences when shopping online, as well as use cases from top UK fashion brands and retailers which you can implement on your own digital journey.

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Discover insights from 1,500 shoppers.

What you'll learn

  • How COVID-19 has impacted shopping habits for the long-term.
  • Why product discovery is the biggest challenge you didn't know you had.
  • How to provide visitors with the shopping experiences they expect.
  • Ways to consistently deliver relevance throughout a customer’s on-site journey and amplify purchases and revenue.
  • Proven strategies to enable product discovery, boost engagement, drive purchase & increase revenue.