Getting started on the path to personalization

Use proven tactics which provide concrete first steps to demystify and accelerate your personalization initiatives.

What's in this report?

Personalization is everywhere… and it works!

Getting started on the path to personalization can seem like a daunting task, especially in the face of competing priorities, lack of resources and pressing timescales. However, there are simple steps you can take to create a solid foundation, that starts delivering value and sets your brand up for success.

In this report, we explore how using scalable, automated techniques powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) will put you on the path to personalization in a smart, efficient way.


Featured customers

Hear from some of our featured clients on how they got started on the path to personalization and the tactics that gained them uplift in conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty.


What you’ll learn.

  • Why you should prioritize social proof and recommendations
  • The role of personalization in mobile shopping
  • How rules and templates can scale your efforts
  • How AI can automate individualized experiences