Merchandising in the digital age

Supercharging content ranking and evidence selection with AI.

In this research

When consumer attention is scarce and product ranges are diverse, the pressure is on for today’s digital merchandiser to create highly engaging selections of products across their site.

The report investigates how two core techniques, content ranking and evidence selection, can be embraced based on ecommerce maturity.

  • Stage 1, adopting the technique
  • Stage 2, optimizing position and strategy
  • Stage 3, segmentation

Whatever your level, this guide will shine the light on how to unlock the next wave of context-aware personalized ecommerce experiences.


Brands we work with

We work with some of the most famous ecommerce brands in the world, who rely on personalization to help them drive revenue, uplift, and customer loyalty.


What you'll learn

  • What are content ranking and evidence selection
  • How to advance both tactics in three stages
  • How to blend the techniques with added context
  • The role that AI plays in advanced ecommerce