Get a 6% trading boost this season.

Learn more about our personalization offer for this peak period including key capabilities, customer examples, and our pricing guide.

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What’s in this fact sheet?

A fully packaged personalization solution that will increase urgency and relevancy for every visitor this holiday season.


During the gifting periods of November to January, make sure you're signposting the best selling products, providing inspiration on every page, and creating a touch of urgency.


This guide will show you:

  • Real customer examples  that are getting uplift from these techniques during peak season.
  • Tiered pricing guide for your specific needs.
  • A fast time to value roadmap for implementation, to ensure you're up and running in weeks.
Gift signposting icon

Gift signposting

Dynamically change the gift badging on your product listing page without the need for IT.

Personalized inspiration icon

Personalized inspiration

When your visitors are gifting, personalize their product content and inspire them to find more.

Adding urgency icon

Adding urgency

Let visitors know when items are low in stock or at-risk of not being delivered by Christmas.

Learn from these brands already using personalization during peak season.

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