Personalization in luxury

Bring the red carpet experience online with the ultimate guide to personalization in luxury

What's in this report?

We work with some of the most famous luxury retailers and innovative pureplay brands in fashion. Our speciality: adorning websites with personalized customer experiences to take special care of your most loyal customers.

That said, the rules of personalization are different for luxury. There is no singular strategy for luxury brands, rather a canvas of ideas that can be embraced around a clear understanding of your customers.

This is your guide to inspiration. Taking our experience of working with the innovators of the industry and generating tangible uplift, we explore how to take the red carpet, champagne sipping, luxury in-store experience, and bring this online.


What you’ll learn.

  • Methods of creating hyper relevance
  • How to roll out the red carpet for your VIPs
  • A completely new approach to getting ahead on mobile
  • How to look after your most loyal guests