Winning the customer experience race

A guide to personalization for the eGaming industry. Discover nine ways to differentiate with your customer experience.

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Winning the customer experience race in eGaming - Qubit

What’s in this report?

Today's users are more demanding, less loyal and looking for a higher quality of experience than ever before. At the same time, rapid commoditization across the eGaming industry has made it more difficult to differentiate. Pulling in users with acquisition offers alone has become unsustainable and investment in customer experience is now a necessity.


We’ve taken our knowledge from working with leading brands including John Lewis, Topshop, Betfair, and BoyleSports, and developed a guide to personalization for the eGaming industry. You’ll find strategies to deliver smarter acquisition, greater engagement and player revenue, and increased loyalty.

What you’ll learn.


  • Mobile and bet slip personalization
  • Behavioural attribution and deduplication
  • Multi-channel personalization
  • Effective cross and upsell for eGaming

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