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Juice Beauty – Qubit Pro

Juice Beauty building compelling experiences to drive loyalty and conversion

Case study

Juice Beauty – Qubit Aura

Juice Beauty using AI-powered Qubit Aura to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale

Case study

Ocean Holidays – Qubit Pro

Ocean Holidays turn browsers into buyers with data-driven decision making

Case study

L’OCCITANE en Provence – Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura

L'OCCITANE en Provence proving power of data-driven customer experiences with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura 

Case study

Boux Avenue – Qubit Pro.

Boux Avenue deploying Simple Messages and social proof

Case study

Express Gifts – Qubit Aura.

Studio and Ace using Qubit Aura to build seamless experiences on mobile web

Case study

Thomas Cook Holidays – Qubit Pro.

Thomas Cook Holidays leveraging Qubit Pro to surprise and delight visitors

Case study

Ann Summers – Qubit Pro.

Ann Summers brings the customer experience to the next level with Qubit

Case study

MyOptique Group – Qubit Pro.

MyOptique Group understanding and influencing visitors across multiple brands

Case study

Chemist Direct – Qubit Pro. leveraging customer data to build seamless experiences

Case study

Mothercare – Qubit Aura.

Mothercare utilizing latest AI-powered technology to put their customer at the center of innovation

Case study

Mothercare – Qubit Pro.

Mothercare integrating multiple data sources to understand and influence all customer journeys

Case study

Etam – Qubit Pro.

Etam relying on Qubit to understand and influence it's customers at scale

Case study

Betfair – Qubit Pro.

World’s largest internet betting exchange uses the power of positive reinforcement, surfacing winners from historic bets with live odds to customers

Case study

Ladbrokes – Qubit Pro.

How Ladbrokes are moving towards delivering one-to-one customer experiences

Case study

INDOCHINO – Qubit Pro.

Creating an omnichannel retail strategy to bridge online shopping and the in-store experience

Case study

Express Gifts Ltd – Qubit Pro.

Case study

Evans – Qubit Pro.

Arcadia brand making data-driven decisions about their entire customer journey

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