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Hobbycraft – Qubit Pro

Leading crafts brand implements Qubit Pro’s capabilities to increase RPV and conversion rates at the most effective touchpoints on the purchase journey.

Case study

Crocus – Qubit Pro

UK’s largest gardening site combines their passion and knowledge for plants with a successful ecommerce program.

Case study

Hobbs – Qubit Pro

Luxury fashion brand using Qubit’s social proof, product recommendations and badging to deliver relevant context to every visitor

Case study

Away Resorts – Qubit Pro

Holiday park operator brings the offline experience online with personalization.

Case study

Un Jour Ailleurs – Qubit Start

French fashion brand modernize customer experience with a laser focus on the user journey.

Case study

Jacadi – Qubit Start

Fashion retailer leveraging Qubit Start technology to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty with x5 ROI.

Case study

River Island – Qubit Pro

Retailer collaborating across multiple teams to deliver the most relevant journeys for their omnichannel visitors.

Case study

Micro Scooters – Qubit Pro

Retailer focused on data-driven segmentation to provide personal experiences for each and every customer.

Case study

Manor AG – Qubit Start

Qubit Start’s fast implementation allows businesses to enhance the customer journey.

Case study

Frederick’s of Hollywood – Qubit Pro

Frederick’s of Hollywood use data-driven experiences to build customer journeys that resonate

Case study

Specsavers – Qubit Pro

Global retail chain curate experiences online to drive loyalty and lifetime value

Case study

CeX – Qubit Pro

Retailer focused on delivering scalable industry-first experiences 

Case study

Juice Beauty – Qubit Pro

Juice Beauty building compelling experiences to drive loyalty and conversion

Case study

Juice Beauty – Qubit Aura

Juice Beauty using AI-powered Qubit Aura to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale

Case study

Ocean Holidays – Qubit Pro

Ocean Holidays turn browsers into buyers with data-driven decision making

Case study

L’OCCITANE en Provence – Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura

L'OCCITANE en Provence proving power of data-driven customer experiences with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura 

Case study

Boux Avenue – Qubit Pro.

Boux Avenue deploying Simple Messages and social proof

Case study

Express Gifts – Qubit Aura.

Studio and Ace using Qubit Aura to build seamless experiences on mobile web

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