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Boost bookings and deliver a first class experience

6 personalization strategies for airlines to increase loyalty and deliver value

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Peak and beyond

Get all the peak season trends and stats, and understand how to prepare your business for scale around those key periods.


Create the ultimate luxury online experience

Learn from ecommerce experts from Diane von Furstenberg, Theory/Kogent and Qubit.


Customer Experience Panel: How to Maximize Your 2018 Black Friday Revenue

Four retail experts discuss how customer experience is essential to increasing Black Friday ecommerce revenue and brand loyalty.


Rethinking product discovery on mobile

How to compete with Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon.

30 minutes


Destination Personalization: Webinar with Forrester and Emirates

How travel brands can use personalization to boost sales and customer loyalty.


2017 learnings from peak on demand

How to solve the 'big small-screen problem' and win on mobile.

60 minutes.


Destination Personalization

Emirates, Forrester, and Qubit on how travel brands can implement a successful personalization program.

60 minutes.



50 minutes


Introducing Qubit Aura

Personalization starts with discovery.


Peak personalization

The top 6 tactics to get 6% more revenue on Black Friday and beyond.


Analytics for personalization

Understand the role of data in personalization.


Personalization for airlines

Five actionable personalization strategies for the travel industry.


Ecommerce trailblazers: Beauty

The Kylie Jenner effect.


How to win on Black Friday

Hear from the experts and get the data, insights and inspiration you need to make sure you’re prepared for Black Friday.

45 minutes


Boosting ancillaries: 5 big ideas for travel brands

Five key strategies travel brands can use to increase digital bookings.


Get your ship together

Use shipping to drive conversions, increase order value, and build customer loyalty.

60 minutes

Ready for uplift?

This is where the next wave of uplift lives. Remember, if you’re not first you’re last in internet speak.

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