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Peak season personalization
fact sheet.

Take away all the facts on using personalization during peak season, including real-life customer examples, and pricing guide.

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Peak season trading boost – get 6% more

Learn more about our personalization offer for this peak period including key capabilities, customer examples, and our pricing guide.


Google Cloud Next ’19 – London


The journey to advanced personalization

A three-part journey to personalization at scale.


Peak and beyond

Get all the peak season trends and stats, and understand how to prepare your business for scale around those key periods.


Merchandising in the digital age

Supercharging content ranking and evidence selection with AI.


Personalization in Fashion

Seven strategies to drive revenue while building brand equity.


Personalization in luxury

Bring the red carpet experience online with the ultimate guide to personalization in luxury


Create the ultimate luxury online experience

Learn from ecommerce experts from Diane von Furstenberg, Theory/Kogent and Qubit.

Case study

L’OCCITANE en Provence – Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura

L'OCCITANE en Provence proving power of data-driven customer experiences with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura 


Customer Experience Panel: How to Maximize Your 2018 Black Friday Revenue

Four retail experts discuss how customer experience is essential to increasing Black Friday ecommerce revenue and brand loyalty.


Getting started on the path to personalization

Use proven tactics which provide concrete first steps to demystify and accelerate your personalization initiatives.


Catalysts of change


The growing influence of mobile on ecommerce revenue

A study of the halo effect of mobile using 1.2 billion user journeys.


Retail Personalization Strategy Workbook

Define a successful personalization strategy for your retail business.


Rethinking product discovery on mobile

See how the early adopters are using AI to deliver effective mobile personalization


Wired Retail


Rethinking product discovery on mobile

How to compete with Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon.

30 minutes


Destination Personalization: Webinar with Forrester and Emirates

How travel brands can use personalization to boost sales and customer loyalty.

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