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Google Recommendations AI & Qubit – Webinar

Thursday 4th June - 45mins


Preparing for the Rebound – Webinar

Hear from Qubit's strategy team who have been working with world-leading brands to deliver against their changing goals. 


Shoptalk 2020

Case study

Hobbs – Qubit Pro

Luxury fashion brand using Qubit’s social proof, product recommendations and badging to deliver relevant context to every visitor

Case study

Un Jour Ailleurs – Qubit Start

French fashion brand modernize customer experience with a laser focus on the user journey.

Case study

Jacadi – Qubit Start

Fashion retailer leveraging Qubit Start technology to increase customer lifetime value and loyalty with x5 ROI.


Qubit x Google Roadshow 2019 – London

09:00 - 12:00


Peak season trading boost – get 6% more

Learn more about our personalization offer for this peak period including key capabilities, customer examples, and our pricing guide.

Case study

River Island – Qubit Pro

Retailer collaborating across multiple teams to deliver the most relevant journeys for their omnichannel visitors.

Case study

Manor AG – Qubit Start

Qubit Start’s fast implementation allows businesses to enhance the customer journey.


Google Cloud Next ’19 – London

Case study

Frederick’s of Hollywood – Qubit Pro

Frederick’s of Hollywood use data-driven experiences to build customer journeys that resonate


The journey to advanced personalization

A three-part journey to personalization at scale.

Case study

Specsavers – Qubit Pro

Global retail chain curate experiences online to drive loyalty and lifetime value


Peak and beyond

Get all the peak season trends and stats, and understand how to prepare your business for scale around those key periods.


Merchandising in the digital age

Supercharging content ranking and evidence selection with AI.


Personalization in Fashion

Seven strategies to drive revenue while building brand equity.


Personalization in luxury

Bring the red carpet experience online with the ultimate guide to personalization in luxury

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