Airlines personalization

Increase the loyalty of your frequent flyers and drive ancillary conversions with personalization.

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Travelers are on the move.

There’s a vast amount of data in travel. Harness it to deliver personalized and relevant experiences for every visitor. Create targeted communications, promote the right fares to retain customers, and take care of your loyalty program members.

Drive personalization at scale

Drive bookings and ancillary sales

Help consumers book and find the most relevant ancillaries.

Use loyalty data to increase the lifetime value of your most important customers.

Build loyalty with each air mile

Target and grow your most valuable customer groups.

Focus on repeat purchases.

Improve efficiency

Promote and recommend inventory to reduce risk and manage yield.

Search-specific merchandising.

Boost bookings with contextually relevant social proof. Tailor the on-site experience to match consumers’ expectations based on their search data.

  • Highlight popularity to encourage customers to convert and smooth out their journey.
  • Use social proof messaging based on visitors’ relevant characteristics, like "most popular for families".
  • Highlight recent booking figures for flights to a particular (searched) destination.
Use social proof to tailor the on-site experience based on search context.
Merchandisers can use personalization for smart inventory management.

Smart inventory management.

Use data integrations to link your existing systems with web personalization and promote the inventory that gives your customers the greatest range of choice.

  • Use promoted inventory messaging to reduce the friction from the customer booking journey.
  • Make recommendations on search or category pages to show relevant alternative flights.
  • Use your flight capacity insight to promote your at-risk inventory and increase yield.

Increase ancillary attachment.

Take advantage of the post-booking window across all channels to drive ancillary sales, boosting average order value and high-margin revenues.

  • Reach out to travelers at the right time with messaging and recommendations to promote car hire, extra baggage or insurance.
  • Promote what is most popular or trending by destination using powerful social proof algorithms.
  • Recommend products and services based on travelers’ booking history and preferences.
Increase ancillary attachment for airlines with personalization.
Increase upsells for airlines.

Encourage upsells.

During the booking process, promote higher value fares. Encourage upgrades via smart merchandising and recommendations to increase order values.

  • Send emails to customers to remind them of offers in their basket, and promote relevant ancillaries at the same time.
  • Add information and social proof to encourage customers to move between segments, like from economy to economy plus.
  • Reach customers with upgrade messaging via email, or when they return to the site between the time they book and their departure date.

Drive direct bookings.

Reduce reliance on intermediary online travel agents. Target indirect referred traffic sources to sell directly to your customers across your own channels.

  • Target messaging on landing pages to encourage visitors to book directly with you.
  • Create positive experiences that encourage customers to return, reducing re-acquisition costs.
  • Use loyalty program membership, incentives, and rewards to retain your most valuable customers.
Personalization tactics to drive direct bookings
Promote relevant content at the right time to encourage customers to return to your site.

Reduce customer churn.

Personalize across the entire customer journey, and stay top-of-mind with your customers for the future.

  • Promote relevant content at the right stage of the trip.
  • Reach out to customers once they’re back to gather feedback.
  • Send a reminder around the time a customer normally books with flights that match their interest.

Rich segmentation.

In travel, you have a vast wealth of information about each customer. You can also make contextual personalizations based on all your insight, from booking history and whether they are pre- or post-trip.

  • Promote ancillaries and upsells before the trip, check in with customers while they are away, and gather feedback once they have returned.
  • Send customers passport expiry reminders and customer service prompts.
  • Deliver VIP treatment for your frequent flyers.
Segmentation lets airlines target the right customer groups.

“We need to create online experiences that surprise and delight. We’re grounded in the validation that Qubit has delivered in the last number of years, now is the time to build on that and take our personalization strategies to the next level.”

Darran Brindley

Head of Digital Product, Thomas Cook

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