Beauty and cosmetics personalization

Qubit solutions for beauty help your customers to discover products, be inspired and come back for more.

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Beauty is always personal.

Beauty buyers are extremely savvy, with high expectations that a brand will respond to their particular preferences and needs. With personalization, you can gather vast quantities of behavioral and preference data from your shoppers to understand their interests and replicate the in-store experience.

Tailor the online experience

Tailor the online experience to engage customers

Use quizzes and AI to uncover shopper preferences while they're on your site.

Help shoppers find the right products

Help shoppers find the right products

Give shoppers contextual evidence that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.

Build brand loyalty

Use every visit to build more brand loyalty

Create smart experiences that give shoppers reasons to return and re-engage.

A few of our beauty and cosmetics customers:

Beauty and cosmetics - Qubit customers

Understand shoppers.

Help new visitors get to grips with your product range by asking questions to uncover their wants and needs.

  • Show off the breadth of your product range.
  • Drive category engagement and build detailed segments.
  • Deploy targeted tactics including ‘social proof’ and ‘low stock’.
Qubit visitor pulse skincare quiz for self-segmentation and personalization.
Qubit replenishment reminder for beauty products.


Create lasting relationships with your customers by streamlining the path to repeat purchase.

  • Establish the average lifetime for each of your products.
  • Recognize when a customer needs a refill.
  • Surface replenishment options to boost lifetime value and loyalty.

Social proof badging.

Social proof draws attention to popular products and studies show it is one of the most persuasive personalization techniques. It can be made even more effective with segmentation.

  • Badge products with ‘trending’ or ‘popular’ messages.
  • Show real-time counts, such as ‘views’ or ‘buys’.
  • Drive urgency with stock counters, and ‘back in stock’ messages.
Segmented badge personalizing an experience for beauty.
Segmentation to enable personalization for beauty shoppers.

Sensitive segmentation.

Cosmetics shoppers come to your site with specific goals and concerns, that require different interactions. Understand all your different visitors, and show the most relevant experiences.

  • Prioritize products that match shoppers' beauty needs, such as dry skin.
  • Help gifters pick the perfect presents.
  • Simplify discovery or promote guides and tutorials for beginners.

Smart sampling.

Offer your customers the most relevant samples based on the exact contents of their cart.

  • Offer samples that complement the existing cart contents, or the shoppers’ preferences.
  • Mix it up with items that are popular right now.
  • Pick and prioritize samples with the highest margins, or best conversion rates.
A personalized smart sampling email remainder.
A gif of a beauty personalization recommending a larger size.

Upsell to a larger size.

Deliver a win-win solution for your shoppers by encouraging them to buy a larger size.

  • Increase average order values.
  • Create loyalty by promoting better value for money.
  • Improve your margins through shipping efficiencies.

Product discovery.

Help shoppers discover more of your products on mobile with Qubit Aura.

  • AI curates a highly personalized Instagram-like feed of your site.
  • Expose more of your product catalog, including relevant products from your long-tail inventory.
  • Additional features, ‘pinning’ and ‘sharing’ drive increased value.
Qubit Aura personalized product discovery for beauty.

“Qubit has made it possible for us to deliver the best digital experiences. Personalization is how you drive engagement with visitors and you need the technology and expertise to ensure that you create seamless customer journeys no matter the device.”

Jeffrey Grannis

Director of Digital, Juice Beauty

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