Fashion personalization

Qubit solutions for beauty help your customers to discover products, be inspired and come back for more.

Growing customer lifetime value with Qubit


Fashion leads the way.

Fashion brands value customer experience at every point in the customer journey. From initial inspiration to loyal shopper, personalization helps to drive a great experience across all channels.

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Get targeted with merchandising

Use scarcity and social proof tactics to get the most out of sales and promotions.


Drive personalization at scale

Meet your sales goals by using automated tactics with lots of control.


Focus on repeat purchases

Adapt the customer experience to drive first to second purchase.

Personalized style quiz.

Encourage shoppers to explore your range, define their look or shop for a specific occasion.

  • Help new customers navigate and discover your range.
  • Drive category engagement and build focused segments.
  • Deploy targeted tactics including ‘social proof’ and ‘low stock’.

Social proof badging.

Social proof lets you draw attention to popular products and often delivers uplifts of 2.3% in Revenue per Visitor.

  • Highlight popular products with ‘trending’ or ‘hot’ badges.
  • Show real-time counts of interactions, such as ‘10 views this hour’.
  • Apply segmentation so that badges appear only when they’re most effective.

Personalized navigation.

If your brand features many categories and designers, use browsing and purchase history to get more specific on how you present your range and personalize your navigation.

  • Manually update items in the nav based on merchandising insights and goals.
  • Automatically update key parts of the nav based on past interactions.
  • Add additional messaging and badging, such as ‘trending’ or ‘you might like.’

Size-specific scarcity.

Scarcity is one of the most effective drivers of conversion, especially when delivered in a helpful context.

  • Use the size drop-down to show when items are low in stock.
  • Predict sizing based on past behavior, including browsing, filtering and purchases.
  • Suggest low stock if a person is browsing an item in their predicted size.

Previously viewed fashion products.

Keep engagement high when a shopper has shown previous intent towards certain products.

  • Record the last- or most-viewed items of the previous session.
  • Add subtle reminders to the site showing previously viewed products.
  • Surface trending products and new recommendations based on past browsing behavior.

Abandonment emails.

Send emails to re-engage customers with products left in their carts.

  • Qubit integrates with major email service providers.
  • Resurface any products left in the cart.
  • Add intrigue with social proof and related product recommendations.

Lapsed customer activation.

Ensure a seamless customer experience for shoppers who haven’t visited your site in a while.

  • Deploy offers to your site to re-engage lapsed purchases.
  • Ensure messaging continuity by integrating with email and ads.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.

Dynamic fashion segmentation.

We have found that experiences are 3x more effective when segmented.

  • Ingest segmentation data (CRM/loyalty) or derive from behavioral data.
  • Create segments with intent data from surveys and polls.
  • Segments adapt and update as the volume of data increases.

“Personalization is about curating experiences around the individual. As a retailer, it’s not just about shipping products, it’s about building relevant relationships with each person no matter the channel. Qubit is a key technology for us to understand, segment and personalize the visitor journey to millions of customers.”

Tim MacIvor

Head of Customer Experience, River Island

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