Fast food and restaurant personalization

Qubit solutions for fast food and restaurant brands make it possible to tailor user journeys with recommendations and social proof to millions of customers each day. 

Tailoring experiences online

Making the customer experience convenient and quick is a strategy fast food brands are employing to increase trust and lifetime loyalty. Tailoring menus and 1:1 recommendations can increase order values beyond just the items customers normally purchase.


Order in one click

Build unique profiles of loyal customers and enable them to order in one click.


Help visitors order perfectly

Give visitors contextual evidence that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.


Use every visit to build loyalty

Create smart experiences that give shoppers reasons to return and re-engage.

Contextual 1:1 recommendations.

With a range of goal-orientated strategies, Qubit customers can tailor product recommendations to meet their business needs and deploy them at the most effective point in the customer journey.

Seed recommendations with trending products by surfacing browsing and purchase behavior, evidence selection, and machine learning to guide customers along their decision and purchase journey.


Personalized quicklinks and navigation.

Personalize quick links in the navigation to reduce the number of clicks for customers to find the content and the products that are of most interest to them.

Use intent and behavioral data to change the navigation and menus in real-time and in the session of the visitor.


Product recommendations in email.

Use Qubit’s Predictive Engine to power tailored & dynamic product recommendations through your email channel in any email campaign.

Drive customers back to ordering with scheduling and timely email based on past behavior. 


Use badging to social proof items.

Based on browsing and transaction behavior, give each customer a way to discover and engage with the menu. 

Inform every customer of those products with badging on the menu listing indicating those meals that are 'trending', 'popular' or is the 'Chef's special'! 


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