Gaming personalization

Qubit solutions are enabling gaming customers to discover and find products they love through relevant online shopping journeys. 

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Activate trust through relevance.

Gamers are savvy customers, with an astute understanding of what they are looking for. With this in mind, gaming brands can't afford to deliver irrelevant experiences. Personalization is changing that for Qubit customers.

Individualize promotions

Tailor promotions to an individuals tastes and preferences. Give them the context and social proof for the items they may want.

Help shoppers find the right products

Give shoppers contextual evidence that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.

Use every visit to build more brand loyalty

Create smart experiences that give shoppers reasons to return and re-engage.

Use social proof to drive conversions. 


Assist your customers, both new and existing, through badging and messaging on popular products and services.


Deploy trending, real-time counts and back-in-stock experiences to highlight the most relevant items for them!

Understand new and returning shoppers.


Help new visitors get to grips with your product range by asking questions to uncover their wants and needs.

  • Show off the breadth of your product range.
  • Drive category engagement and build detailed segments.
  • Deploy targeted tactics including ‘social proof’ and ‘low stock’.

Information gained can, and should, be used across the session so the individual has consistent context. 

Social proof badging.


Social proof draws attention to popular products and studies show it is one of the most persuasive personalization techniques. It can be made even more effective with segmentation.

  • Badge products with ‘trending’ or ‘popular’ messages.
  • Show real-time counts, such as ‘views’ or ‘buys’.
  • Drive urgency with stock counters, and ‘back in stock’ messages.

Product recommendations in email. 


Use Qubit’s Predictive Engine to power tailored & dynamic product recommendations through your email channel in any email campaign.

Drive customers back to ordering games when new titles are announced and released. 

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