Health and nutrition personalization

Qubit solutions for health and nutrition brands enable the customer to discover through social proof, replenishment and recommendations.

Growing customer lifetime value with Qubit

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Tailor online journeys and stay relevant.

Visitors to health and nutrition brands inherently have personal requirements. As a result, brands need to be personalizing the entire customer journey to ensure that products and services offered are relevant and don't encourage the customer to bounce without converting.


Help shoppers find the right products

Give shoppers contextual evidence that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.


Get targeted with merchandising

Use scarcity and social proof tactics to get the most out of sales and promotions.


Lead the way with relevance

Help shoppers to discover the most relevant products and nudge them towards purchase.

Social proof across online channels.

Assist your customers, both new and existing, through badging and messaging on popular products and services. Deploy trending, real-time counts and back-in-stock experiences to highlight the most relevant items for them!

  • Badge products with ‘trending’ or ‘popular’ messages.
  • Show real-time counts, such as ‘views’ or ‘buys’.
  • Drive urgency with stock counters, and ‘back in stock’ messages.

Personalized quicklinks and navigation.

Personalize quick links in the navigation to reduce the number of clicks for customers to find the content and the products that are of most interest to them. Use intent and behavioral data to change the navigation and menus in real-time and in the session of the visitor.


Replenish repeat purchases.

Create lasting relationships with your customers by streamlining the path to repeat purchase.

  • Establish the average lifetime for each of your products.
  • Recognize when a customer needs a refill.
  • Surface replenishment options to boost lifetime value and loyalty.

Upsell to a larger size.

Deliver a win-win solution for your shoppers by encouraging them to buy a larger size.

  • Increase average order values.
  • Create loyalty by promoting better value for money.
  • Improve your margins through shipping efficiencies.

Sensitive segmentation.

Visitors come to your site with specific goals and concerns, that require different interactions. Understand all your different visitors, and show the most relevant experiences.

  • Prioritize products that match shoppers' needs.
  • Help gifters pick the perfect presents.
  • Simplify discovery or promote guides and tutorials for beginners.
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Understand shoppers.

Help new visitors get to grips with your product range by asking questions to uncover their wants and needs.

  • Show off the breadth of your product range.
  • Drive category engagement and build detailed segments.
  • Deploy targeted tactics including ‘social proof’ and ‘low stock’.
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