Home and garden personalization

The online customer experience for home and garden brands is essential to get right. With personalization technology, global home & garden retailers are driving AOV and conversion rates with experiences that resonate. 

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Growing customer lifetime value with Qubit

Building brand value and trust.

Keen home improvement customers are looking for the perfect products to fit their homes. Relevancy is, therefore, key to creating trust with onsite visitors with specific needs and requirements.

Engage new and returning visitors

Target messaging and promotions to boost engagement.

Individualize promotions

Tailor promotions to an inviduals tastes and preferences. Give them the context and social proof for the items they may want.

Lead the way with relevance

Help shoppers to discover the most relevant products and nudge them towards purchase.

Countdown timers to drive sales.


By adding a countdown timer to various stages through the customer journey, you are able to instill a sense of urgency into the customer and increase conversions.

These timers can be scheduled to come on during sale periods, to push next day delivery or even in an ad hoc manner for flash sales.

Recommendations on the basket page. 


By offering a range of goal-oriented strategies, customers can tailor product recommendations to meet their business needs and align them with the most effective point in the customer journey.


Increase and widen the conversion funnel by recommending often bought together products in a carousel on your basket page, encouraging your customers to also engage further with your product inventory.

Price reductions in email. 


Store visitor browsing behavior and use SQL query and Qubit's Derived Insights to track when previously viewed products decrease in price.

Trigger a timely email, driving urgency among price-conscious users to shop at the lower price point while they can.

Understand new and returning visitors. 


Help new visitors get to grips with your product range by asking questions to uncover their wants and needs.

  • Show off the breadth of your product range.
  • Drive category engagement and build detailed segments.
  • Deploy targeted tactics including ‘social proof’ and ‘low stock’.

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The journey to advanced personalization

A three-part journey to personalization at scale.

Case study

Crocus – Qubit Pro

UK’s largest gardening site combines their passion and knowledge for plants with a successful ecommerce program.

Case study

Halfords – Qubit Pro.

How the team at Halfords is empowered to act on in-depth customer understanding

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