Luxury personalization

Qubit’s luxury solutions focus on delivering brand consistency while driving loyalty and revenue.

Growing customer lifetime value with Qubit


Luxury sets the bar high.

The stakes are high in luxury as each purchase carries a significant degree of consideration. Price related strategies that work in fast fashion run the risk of having the opposite effect in luxury. Personalization must be considered, unobtrusive and seamlessly integrated.


Lead the way with relevance

Help shoppers to discover the most relevant products and nudge them towards purchase.


Unite in-store and online

Deliver experiences online that replicate and enhance the in-person experience of your brand.

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Go the extra mile for VIPs

Leverage loyalty data to increase the lifetime value of your most important customers.

Promoting fashion capitals.

Let customers self-select their location, or where they aspire to be, to see what’s trending in luxury fashion locations all over the world.

  • Use Social proof to create a real-time trending feed.
  • Allow users to self-segment, picking a city to see what’s on-trend there.
  • Enjoy greater engagement, short cut category navigation, and increase conversions.

Preference selection for luxury lines.

Engage customers in a conversation when they’ll benefit from expressing their preferences, for example with wishlisting or to announce new collections.

  • Uncover who is shopping for gifts and build appropriate segments, or understand a shopper’s style.
  • Deliver hyper-personal experiences throughout the site to build category engagement.
  • Subtly badge products that are a good fit for your customers’ preferences.

Personalized navigation.

Use the navigation drop down as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s leading designers.

  • Highlight the designers rocking your world, based on where in the world you are.
  • Promote brands that a guest has previously engaged with.
  • Create ‘shop now’ functionality direct from the nav.

Target luxury VIPs.

Look after the small percentage of your customers that deliver a high proportion of your profits.

  • Ingest offline data to target all your VIPs online.
  • Surface VIP specific offerings such as ‘dedicated personal stylist’ or ‘express shipping’.
  • Promote special events such as store openings, early access or private sales.

Effective luxury segments.

Our PwC-validated research found that segmentation makes experiences 3x more effective.

  • Ensure CRM and loyalty data is ingested, and put to work.
  • Target your VIPs and other core segments to build engagement and loyalty.
  • See guests move between segments as their behavior evolves.

Lapsed customer activation.

Tastefully collect emails at the right point in the customer journey and integrate Qubit with your ESP for omni-channel excellence.

  • Send emails to customers who haven’t visited recently with recommendations based on their history.
  • Remind customers about items left in the cart, or recommend products that complement their purchases.
  • Ensure experiences are consistent across email, ads and your website.

“Previously luxury brands defined themselves by an exclusive in-store experience; this change in focus, combined with an online presence that required updating, was the catalyst behind our decision to implement Qubit Pro.”

Felipe Araujo

Senior Director of Ecommerce, Diane von Furstenberg

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