Online betting personalization

Move fast, scale and create lasting relationships with your players through responsible personalization.

Stay front of mind for customers.

Speed and scale are vital for operators. To stand out from the competition your website and apps must be hyper-relevant at all times. Qubit supports advanced data needs through deep integrations and decisioning to push the boundaries of personalization.

Use loyalty data to increase the lifetime value of your most important customers.

Push betting preferences

Increase loyalty by learning individual customer preferences and tailoring their experience.

Use personalization to unite the in-store and online experience.

React in real-time

Use behavior, interaction history, and live data to deliver personalization in real-time.

Drive personalization at scale

Engage new users

Target messaging and promotions to boost engagement and deposits.

A few of our online betting customers:

Online betting - Qubit customers

Responsible gambling.

Gaming businesses are investing heavily to ensure their customers gamble responsibly. At Qubit, our technology can constantly track for behaviors that are signals of problem gambling. These can include a prolonged stint of losses with frequent top-ups. Action can then be taken in the moment to educate and protect the customer.

Collect customer preferences.

Through betting history, it’s possible to predict users' preferred sports. You can also shortcut this process, and get more granular insights, by deploying a simple survey.

  • Help new customers navigate to their interests more effectively.
  • Build detailed segments around customers’ preferences and level of interest.
  • Deploy targeted personalizations, like sport-specific homepages and social proof.
Targeted banners promotions for online betting

Targeted banners.

It can take multiple deposits for a customer to deliver positive NGR. This makes optimizing the experience for engagement essential in the early stages of the customer journey.

  • Personalize banners and homepages to match your campaigns.
  • Boost engagement for new visitors, and conversion for returning customers.
  • Provide essential reinforcement messaging in the customer journey.

Betslip personalization.

The betslip is arguably the most crucial part of any betting journey, and the perfect time to add complementary bets to an existing stake.

  • Highlight potential winnings to incentivize customers to place multiples and boost average stake values.
  • Show recommendations in betslip receipts based on the bets the customer has placed.
  • Cross-sell to the right people at the right time based on their profile.
Betslip personalization - online betting
Smart top-ups - online betting

Smart top-ups.

Quick deposits can make the customer experience smoother. But that might not always be right, or responsible, for everyone. Qubit helps you find the right deposit values and low fund points to suit every one of your players.

  • Smart top up and stake buttons learn the most appropriate values over time for each player.
  • Responsibly boost average order values.
  • Provide shortcuts for top-ups that suit each player’s style.

Timely interaction with push notifications.

Many customers have multiple operator apps on their phones. With tailored and automated push notifications, you can encourage them to choose yours.

  • Send deposit promotions to customers who have registered but not yet placed their first deposit.
  • Stay front of mind when an important event is approaching, based on what each customer has previously viewed.
  • Drive customers on-site to take advantage of in-play betting, with real-time odds and event updates.
Push notifications for online betting
Upsell recommendations - online betting

Upsell with recommendations.

Recommendations aren’t just for retail. You can deploy segmented recommendations strategies.

  • Provide relevant suggestions to every visitor.
  • Place recommendations on the homepage and across your site.
  • Base recommendations on a blend of trending games, real-time odds and the customer’s behavioral history.

Data-driven segmentation.

Segmentation is proven to increase the effectiveness of experiences by up to 3x.

  • Use behavioral data, survey responses, and your CRM or offsite data, like NGR, to work in the customer experience.
  • Target your key segments in real-time with the right messaging and experiences.
  • See visitors move between segments as they interact with your brand, and sync the data back to your systems.
Data-driven segmentation for online betting

"Qubit helped build our capability for recommendations, bringing together multiple datasets in the backend, and building the 'look and feel' in the front end. We’ve taken personalization down to a minute level, uploading about 20 tailored recommendations per customer."

Bhavik Patel

Head of Analytics & Optimization, Ladbrokes

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