Personalization for online grocery

Qubit solutions for online grocery brands enable product teams to scale experiences and customer journeys for millions of onsite visitors every day. 

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Drive loyalty and lifetime value.

Online grocery shopping is an essential way of life, from everyday essentials through to seasonal items - understanding and creating relevance at every touchpoint is key to creating lasting loyalty. With such a rich dataset, supermarkets and grocers have the ability to lead the light when it comes to personalization.

React in real-time

Use behavior and interaction history to deliver personalization in real-time

Individualize promotions

Tailor promotions to an inviduals tastes and preferences. Give them the context and social proof for the items they may want.

Help shoppers find the right products

Give shoppers contextual evidence that helps them to make the right purchase decisions.

Use social proof to reassure. 


Based on browsing and transaction behavior, give each customer a way to discover and engage with your product inventory by delivering tailored badging. Inform every customer of those products that are 'trending' in a particular category or 'selling fast'.

Smart upsell recommendations.


When a customer is under the free-delivery threshold, or similar threshold, use a recommendations carousel on the basket page to promote products that will take the customer just over that threshold. This could be delivery, but it could be a loyalty band, or a points threshold number.

Replenish the basic and essential purchases.


Create lasting relationships with your customers by streamlining the path to repeat purchase.

  • Establish the average lifetime for each of your products.
  • Recognize when a customer needs a refill.
  • Surface replenishment options to boost lifetime value and loyalty. 

Upsell opportunities to increase AOV.


Ensure average order values increase by surfacing products as the customer moves through the buying journey with relevant product recommendations. With an understanding of what's in the basket already, enable the visitor to easily add complementary items.

Resources to explore

Discover how to combine creative flair, the right products and the right customers for personalization nirvana.


Merchandising in the digital age

Supercharging content ranking and evidence selection with AI.

Case study

L’OCCITANE en Provence – Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura

L'OCCITANE en Provence proving power of data-driven customer experiences with Qubit Pro and Qubit Aura 


The journey to advanced personalization

A three-part journey to personalization at scale.

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