Travel and tourism personalization

Inspire travelers as they look for the perfect trip with data-driven personalization.

Growing customer lifetime value with Qubit


Innovate and inspire.

Help customers uncover the right hotels and destinations, the right activities and amenities. Advanced segmentation and sophisticated personalization techniques help you reach every traveler with the most relevant options.


Increase loyalty

Promote hotel membership programs for repeat customers.

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On-target merchandising

Boost occupancy and promote amenities with recommendations and social proof.


Stay relevant

Segment your customers to target them with the right rooms and offers.

Effective travel segmentation.

Experiences are 3x more effective when segmented, with family holidaymakers and young travelers the most eager for personalized experiences.

  • Reach customers at every step in the booking journey, and throughout their entire trip.
  • Segments are kept up-to-date with automatic entry and eviction.
  • Allow customers to self-segment by picking their preferences.

Contextually relevant promotions.

Ensure that all your promotions are relevant to the customer’s preferences, their history and their stage in the booking journey.

  • Tailor recommendations based on searches, history, and similarity with previously viewed options.
  • Show social proof that’s relevant to the consumer’s segment - like best for families with kids.
  • Create urgency and encourage conversions by showing how many people have booked recently.

Promote at-risk travel inventory.

Make the most of end-of-season snow or last-minute capacity with targeted messaging.

  • Take over homepage banners with sales or last-minute options.
  • Use social proof and scarcity tactics to increase urgency around short-notice trips.
  • Get in touch with known spontaneous holiday bookers to show them trips that match their previous preferences.

Increase order values with travel ancillaries and upsells.

Promote relevant ancillaries, upsells and upgrades throughout the booking funnel to increase average order values for that trip.

  • Use social proof to draw attention to popular ancillary purchases.
  • Recommend ancillaries, upgrades, trips, and vehicles in the right order based on visitor segment and selected hotels or activities.
  • Reach out to customers who have made similar trips in the past, and use targeted upsell messages based on their past choices.

Encourage customers to book travel directly.

Avoid the pressure of price comparison sites and encourage customers to book directly with you.

  • Make every interaction relevant and contextual, streamlining the purchase journey.
  • Highlight the advantages of booking directly with easily updated templates.
  • Promote your loyalty program to encourage customers to return, year after year.

Balance demand.

When you have an oversubscribed location, promote convenient alternatives to provide customer choice.

  • Use social proof to promote other venues in heavily-booked locations.
  • Use recommendations to promote and upweight relevant hotels for that user.
  • Quickly show, and update, high-impact messaging with templates across landing pages to promote hotels in line with your strategy.

Smart travel merchandising.

Target promotions to meet customers' expectations based on their history and search preferences. 

  • Make recommendations throughout the customer journey according to the venues and amenities customers have chosen.
  • Highlight the most relevant options with targeted social proof messaging.
  • Highlight popularity or occupancy rates to increase urgency.

“We're always thinking of ways to build personalizations that resonate with our visitors. With Qubit we can see the results fast and therefore continually improve the ways our customers navigate. Understanding how our visitors engage online is key to drive loyalty.”

Gops Kumar

Senior UI/UX Designer, Ocean Holidays

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