Tag management

The most flexible enterprise tag manager on the market. Qubit Opentag® is an enterprise tag management solution.

Qubit opentag container script

Tag management built for marketers

Opentag® is designed to fit around all your systems with minimal disruption. Marketers use Opentag to evaluate third-party point solutions and optimize marketing channels with de-duplication.

Tag deployment is effortless, thanks to the large tag library, and code versioning makes it easy to revert back to previous versions.

Qubit Opentag running on a site

Customizable for developers

Developers can leverage Qubit’s extensible data model to implement and future proof thousands of use cases and make onsite data available to third-party tools.

Developers can choose between their own stack, or use the Opentag CDN, and access all their containers via API to increase agility and speed of deployment.

Opentag container changes in the CDN

Flexible for partners

Partners can access all their client properties through a single sign on interface and share details and tag containers across accounts.

Qubit Opentag is kept secure with two-factor authentication, and different privacy and permissions levels.

To find out more, view the documentation.

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