Visitor targeting and segmentation

Get the right content to the right visitors with flexible segments that are always up to date.

“Qubit’s technology can enable any business to personalize online. Being able to target experiences to specific visitor segments is now demanded by customers even if they don’t know it.”

Jo Homer

Head of User Experience, Mothercare

Advanced targeting

Create the segments you require to reach the exact visitors you need and achieve your business goals.

Segments can be built from a myriad of data points to create the most relevant groups. Monitor, analyze and reach them with the most relevant experiences.



The best way to get more context on your visitors is to ask.

With Qubit you can create engaging customer surveys. Ask your visitors about themselves and then respond immediately, showing them the most relevant and compelling customer experiences. This data can then be used in future to refine segments and target powerful personalizations.


Adaptive segments

Focus on your vision, not administration. Qubit keeps segments fresh and up-to-date, by recalculating with every event collected. Visitors enter and leave multiple segments as and when they meet the relevant criteria, and you can track this segment transition as a goal in your experiences.


More capabilities

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Data and insights

All the data you need to understand your visitors.

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Create targeted audience segments.

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Deliver personalized customer experiences.

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