Qubit x Google Recs AI

In this webinar you'll find out why brands are moving their recommendations to
Google Recs AI and Qubit.

45 mins

Next-gen recs = Double-digit uplifts

Product recommendations for ecommerce haven't seen innovation for years... until now! With Google cherry-picking the best technology and algorithms from their experience
with YouTube and Search.

This webinar will explain why this will mark a seachange in recommendations with the use of Google's AI and Qubit's merchandising controls. The perfect match for your 2020

Key takeaways for the webinar

  • Understand why Google Recommendations AI and Qubit are the perfect match
  • How to build a recommendations strategy that's future-proof
  • Why recommendations are at the heart of your personalization strategy
  • Achieve 1:1 recommendations in session and hit AOV and RPV targets

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Sergio Iacobucci

Product Marketing Director, Qubit

Pallav Mehta

Product Manager, Cloud AI, Google