Boosting ancillaries

Five key strategies travel brands can use to increase digital bookings.


30 minutes.


What’s in this webinar?

Customer recognition across your digital properties is a significant challenge. Travel brands that truly understand the habits and preferences of their on-site visitors, and cater their digital experiences accordingly, will benefit from significant competitive advantage.

Join us in this 30 minute webinar to discover how the world’s leading travel brands are setting the standard in ancillary sales. We will cover off five key strategies you can implement today to increase your digital bookings. What are you waiting for?

What you'll learn

  • How to use personalized cohort badging
  • The best strategies for bunding ancillaries
  • When to surface abandonment messages
  • Strategies for upselling returning bookers

The speakers.

Gabriella Pitt

Travel Strategist, Qubit

Matthew Robinson

Product Marketing Manager

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