Destination Personalization

How travel brands can use personalization to boost sales and customer loyalty.



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What’s in this webinar?

Industry heavyweights from Forrester, Emirates and Qubit discuss first-hand learnings around what it looks like when travel brands run successful personalization programs - from theory at Forrester through to strategy formulation and execution at Emirates, including analysis from Qubit around which personalization tactics yield the highest results.

What you'll learn.

  • The latest thinking on personalization from Forrester Research - what is it & where is it headed?
  • How Emirates have embedded personalization across multiple teams and departments - getting them closer to their customers.
  • An understanding of the move from conversion rate optimization (CRO) to personalization at scale.
  • Real life examples from our work with over 300 retail and travel brands, and our analysis of 2 billion retail and travel customer journeys.

The speakers.

Brendan Witcher, Forrester

Brendan Witcher, Forrester

Principal Analyst for eBusiness & Channel Strategy

David Galovic, Emirates

David Galovic, Emirates

VP Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand

Alex McPhie, Customer Success

Alex McPhie, Qubit

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

More research.

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