The Future of Beauty.

Find out how you can utilize data to create an online customer experience that resonates, with applicable use-cases from leading beauty brands.


30 minutes


What you'll learn in this webinar.

In this 30min discussion, you'll hear from Penny, Qubit's resident beauty and fashion expert, on the personalization strategies the world's leading beauty brands are employing. 

The beauty and cosmetics industry has always been personal, and with unrivaled access to data it's now on beauty brands, both high-growth and established, to build closer relationships with onsite visitors. 

Bringing together use case and practical takeaways, you'll come away from the short webinar with a whole host of new ideas and insights to deploy straightaway.

Learn from the leaders in beauty and cosmetics.

This is a great opportunity to find out about the personalization strategies, that some of innovators of the beauty and cosmetics industry are using to increase customer loyalty, and lifetime value.

You'll hear from...

Penny Jefferies,
Senior Strategy Consultant,

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