Peak Personalization

The top 6 tactics to get 6% more revenue on Black Friday and beyond.


30 minutes.


What’s in this webinar?

Tune in as we reveal the six tactics that will get you 6% more revenue on Black Friday and beyond.

We recently ran a study of 2bn online user journeys and 120m purchases to identify which website optimization and personalization techniques have the biggest direct impact on online revenue - and now we want to share the secrets with you.

After this 30 minute webinar, you’ll know more about which techniques to run over the holiday peak period, and which to avoid. And hopefully that’ll turn into a few more holiday sales.

What you'll learn

  • The top 6 personalization tactics for the holiday period
  • How to get the highest revenue uplift from personalization
  • What retailers like Topshop, Clinique and Halfords do
  • Why year-round segmentation can give you an advantage

The speakers.

Any Mulcahy, IMRG

Andy Mulcahy

Strategy & Insight Director, IMRG

Jack Kennedy

Retail Strategy Consultant, Qubit

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