Rethinking product discovery on mobile

How to compete with Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon.

30 minutes



What's in this webinar?

In 2017 we saw mobile surpass desktop traffic. However, key metrics are suffering—fewer products get seen on mobile, while conversions and revenue are less than half that of desktop.

Converting visitors on mobile isn’t the only problem. Consumers are enticed by mobile-specific apps like Instagram and Pinterest. We call this the big small-screen problem.

In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll unveil Aura, a new AI-powered mobile discovery tool from Qubit, and explore the full extent of the mobile discovery issue. We’ll draw on data collected from 35 leading fashion and beauty brands as well as key insights from how people were shopping during the peak run up to Christmas.

What you'll learn.

  • Discovery: How to provide shoppers with inspiration within your own four walls
  • Stats: Findings to support the case for mobile discovery
  • Personalization: Which strategies to use on mobile and how to adopt AI
  • Revenue: What actually works when it comes to mobile

The speakers.

Abi Wendt

Senior Strategy Consultant,

Nick Smyth

VP North America, Qubit

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