Web personalization

There’s a huge variety of ways to personalize your on-site customer experience, but the really important thing is to make your personalizations relevant, high-impact and scalable

Making each personalization meaningful


Precision targeting
Reach the right people using behavioral data, customer preferences and offline / offsite data, while Qubit Adaptive Targeting keeps segments up to the date.

Big changes or small
From quick content updates through to long-running automated experiences, tailor your customer journeys to your customers, without costly and time consuming technical projects.

Spread your ideas from your website across popular touch points and devices to create a cohesive, tailored experience.


Personalizations that pack a punch


Persuasive personalizations
Use web personalizations for more than UX changes. Qubit inspires behavioral change in your visitors, boosting conversion rate.

Smart, contextual experiences
Create dynamic, high-impact experiences, customizing with visitor understanding, context awareness and behavioral insight.

Push the boundaries
Use personalizations to reach your business goals - increasing conversions, awareness, average order and more - by combining unparalleled visitor insight, programmatic experiences and unmatched flexibility.



Support online merchandising and customize product promotion with web personalization.


Promote and recommend key products
Help shoppers find the items that best fit their needs and lead them further into the conversion funnel by categorizing merchandise based on relevant attributes.

Product badging
Use product badging to promote relevant or high velocity sellers.

Product messaging
Create stickiness through enhanced product information such as sizing guides, or urgency through low stock notifications or countdown timers.

Trending products as an example of web personalization.
Using social proof to personalize a website.

Social Proof

Harness the wisdom of the crowd, without the noise

Real-time counters, when it counts
Put counters on products - times viewed, and stock remaining - to demonstrate demand.

Improve engagement with trending products
Highlight popular products in dedicated feeds to show what’s popular.

The power of peers
Use social proof in custom personalizations for a gamified experience, for example to pick what goes on sale next.


Cart abandonment 

Turn more of your visitors into customers - even the ones that don't convert first time

Reach out to abandoners
Visitors who abandon your site are valuable - they already know who you are and have shown interest, so welcome them back, with more of what they like.

Target your emails
Decide which visitors qualify for recovery efforts, and tailor everything about the interaction - from what you show them to when you contact them.

Give new reasons to return
Give visitors more of what they are interested in - provide compelling alternatives or additions to what they had left in their shopping cart.

Abandonment recovery emails extend your web personalization.

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