Website personalization

Use website personalization to improve the customer experience. Ensure your personalizations are hyper relevant, high-impact and scalable.

Website personalization across the customer journey

Create customer-centric experiences
Use data and insight to deliver the right personalized experience, from the first contact, welcoming a new visitor, to taking care of your VIPs.

Persuasive personalizations
Use website personalizations to reach your business goals - increasing conversions, product awareness, average order values, and more.

The heart of the cross-channel experience
Spread your website personalizations out across popular touch points and devices to create a cohesive, tailored experience.

Different personalized welcome messages showing to new and returning site visitors
Personalized offers appearing on mobile and on desktop

Flexible website personalization

Personalization for every level of sophistication
Deliver everything from small content changes to long-term automation, without getting lost in long developer queues.

Put personalization in the hands of ecommerce
Merchandisers and marketers can easily update messages, promotions and strategies at speed without the need for technical team support.

Push the boundaries
Developers can work without limits, using unparalleled visitor insight, programmatic experiences, and unmatched code flexibility to create personalizations.


The best data for personalization

Collect granular data
Qubit’s collects event-based data, so you can precisely target customers with personalizations. Show them you know them and trigger experiences exactly when you need to.

Combine quantitative and qualitative data
Collect behavioral data from your website, ask customers for their tastes or preferences, ingest data from your other systems, and use it all in your personalizations.

Unlock data from any source
Bring any data point from any third-party or back-office system into Qubit to enable advanced personalizations with 1:1 context.

Website notification reminding a visitor to reorder a product they often buy
A survey on a website asking visitors to pick their summer shoe style

Segment your site visitors

Create any segment
Create segments using any data point, to target the right visitors, at the right point in their customer journey with the right website personalization.

Every segment, always up to date
Qubit's segmentation is real-time. Visitors enter when they match the conditions and leave instantly when they do not.

Let customers tell you what segments they belong. Create segments based on their survey responses and immediately deliver the right website personalizations in real-time.


Use powerful, scalable personalization tactics

Recommendations encourage visitors to explore more of your catalog
Machine learning helps shoppers find the items they’ll love while you control what they see with rules for promotion, blacklisting, and cross-sell.

Support purchase decisions with social proof
Use the wisdom of the crowd to provide reassurance with counters, differentiation with badging, and interest with trending messages.

Bring personalization to email with abandonment recovery
Show customers what they’ve left in their baskets and give reasons to return with product recommendations, social proof, and promotional messaging.

An email reminding a site visitor they left products in their basket, with with additional recommendations and social proof.

Use website personalization to transform customer experience

Find out how River Island have transformed their customer experience using website personalization and omni-channel strategies.

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