Discover the Qubit effect.

Amplify your ecommerce with strategies built for individuals not just segments, using techniques proven to get results. Grow faster, scale up your impact and sell more of what your customers are looking for.

Generate significant incremental revenue with Qubit.

Qubit amplifies your growth potential. Qubit customers generated $1.6 billion in incremental revenue in 2020, while growing 2.5x faster than their competitors. We can show you how.


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Individuals not segments

Consumers love brands that treat them as individuals. Qubit helps you create true 1:1 personalization, unique for each shopper. Based on their profile not that of a segment.


Set your team free

Ecommerce is challenging. Your technology shouldn't be. Qubit's tools are designed to be used by consumer-facing teams without the need for ongoing support by technical teams.


Grow your business faster

Growing, but not fast enough? Qubit is designed to convert shoppers to buyers. We help brands increase conversion rates, reduce abandonment, and increase customer lifetime value.

Compound your revenues 
by scaling the right combination of experiences.

Need more bang for the buck? Qubit CommerceAI is built to combine and deploy the most relevant techniques to create the best chance for turning shopping to buying.

Learn about Qubit CommerceAI


Experiences that deliver

All personalization is not created equal. Qubit gives you the power to design, deploy and amplify the techniques proven to really perform.


The future in your hands

Next-gen AI threaded through the complete merchandising cycle automates, augments and amplifies your own creativity. All managed through a modernized, easy to use UI.


Scale your impact

Seize the moment. Deploy strategies based on real-time customer behaviors and intent optimized for millisecond performance at scale.

Merchandise 300x more products and unlock the trapped value in your catalogue.

Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t see. More choices mean more opportunities to inspire your customers based on their tastes, preferences, history and intent.

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Show more of your catalog

Inspired offers lead to inspired customers. Show them you know them by showing and recommending what they came to find and buy.


Learning drives relevance

Create high impact experiences based on a shopper’s most relevant behaviors currently, as well as their past preferences and tastes.


2.5x more engagement

Qubit helps brands create deep, lasting relationships with their customers by delivering the most relevant, most personal experiences possible.